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Book review: Bill's New Frock (by Tanya)

This type of book is recomened for children 6 and over. The book, which is very good, is in the fantasy genre.

  • Fact File
  • Author: Anne Fine
  • Illustrater: Philippe Dupaquier


This story is first set out at home. It then leads to school.


The main character is Bill.

Mum and Dad come in near the beginning.

Mrs CollinsĀ  the school teacher.

Astrid one of the girls from school.

Martin a freind of Bill.


Bill Simpson, who is the main character,woke up and found out he was a girl.

Forced out, he went off to school in a frilly pink dress. Although you think it can't get any worse, it turns to beĀ  the worst day of his life.

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