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Science Experiment: Does Sound Travel Equally Well Through Different Materials? by Rosie

5MJ investigated in various materials to find out whether all materials travel equally well. We made a prediction and then created a fair test to investigate our original question. Do you know what 'factors' means in this experiment. See if you can work it out...

Prediction: No, for example sound travels through paper more easily than brick.

Method:Carefully wrapping, we will cover the logit in chosen materials. We will measure the decibels with a logit.

How will I make it a fair test? We will use the same amount of material and we will place the logit and buzzer the same differnce apart each time.

What factors will I change? We will change the materials

What factors will I measure? We will measure the decibels

What factors will I keep the same? We will keep the buzzer the same annd the logit the same.

MaterialDecibels measured (volume) 





 Aliminium Foil


 Bubble Wrap



 80 1/2


Conclusion: I can conclude that sound does not travel equally well through all materials. From the results I can see that foil lets out the most decibells. The shape and the size are not the same E.G. control and leather.

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