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Our Spacious Grounds

The school is set in spacious grounds, including a large field which houses several sports pitches. We regularly mark out pitches for rounders, five-a-side and seven-a-side football, a running track and cricket pitch. There is also an all weather pitch for cricket. In addition to this we also have many other team games including rugby.cricket1.jpg
footy1.jpgAn outdoor activity trail has recently been installed in the grounds. This adds greatly to our well used grounds as it not only provides a stimulating and fun activity for the children at break times, but is also used in team-building and cooperative play during lessons.

Wildlife Area

We have several areas around the school designated as wildlife areas. This provides ecologially-friendly areas within the school and encourages the pupils to take a greater interest in these issues.

Our wildlife areas also provide the school with a valuable resource as they enable the children to study these environments in Living Processes lessons.
pond.jpgOur school pond has been specially designed as a newt habitat. These endangered species are both looked after and studied by the children. We have several species thriving in our pond including Lesser Spotted and Great Crested Newts.